From: Craig Brozefsky <>
Subject: Re: SCWM, Pot and the GPL...
Date: 1999/06/27
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John Dyson said:
> not most) users.  I attain no high in passive smoking, and only feel
> the anxiety.  The very sad thing is to avoid the anxiety, pot users
> often either seek more pot, alcohol or benzo's for temporary relief.
> This is a really silly vicious circle for a little short term
> relief. Those who think that pot is harmless are diluding themselves
> or even simply ignorant.

That's because your not using the Scheme Configurable Window Manager.
I found that having the proper WM while toking is extremely important.
You need one that absolutely minimizes use of the rodent, and with
scwm's synthetic events, awesome key binding supports and scripting, I
have a setup which allows me to do everything without pushing about
the cursed rolly thing.  Thank you Maciej for thinking about all of us
stoners when designing SCWM.

The reason you want to avoid the rodent is that when your coding while
chemically modified you will want to minimize any possible distraction
or break in concentration.  The slightest wavering in your attention
will easily explode into a ten minute setback.  If you can keep
yourself on-track then I find that productivity is greatly increased,
and with the properly trained mindset bug density on first pass is
usually drastically decreased.

In the past when working with improper window management I have found
that reaching for the rodent and lifting my eyes off my FSF emacs
block cursor can trigger undesired distractions, particularly when I'm
working in non-Lisp dialects (well except for mercury and Pop-11)
because any idle brain wave will be spent bitching to yourself
silently about the lameness of the artificial language you are forced
to be thinking in presently.  

It should also be noted that since SCWM is extended thru scheme, you
have another advantage.  Pot and lame type systems like in C/C++ do
not mix.  THC and Lisp dialects (or Pop-11, and sometimes mercury) are
wonderful combinations provided you don't mind spending 20% of your
time rejoicing in the beauty that is a dynamic language with uniform
syntax and a real goddamn macro system.

For the particularly bent crowd, I'd reccomend maybe starting out with
a Luca Cardelli paper, followed by a round of OCaml hacking, and if
you have another bowl to smoke and an evening to waste, follow it all
up dinking around in mercury.  This recipe will not result in much
working code at the end of the day, but your mind will be glowing.  I
should warn you that only people with hard-ons for abstract
mathematics and mathematical logic will really survive this course
without a major headache.

Of course, this should all be done on a Debian Linux box, because you
can install all of these languages with a simple apt-get command.
With FreeBSD you would have to compile them all, and friggin compiling
alien language implementations from France (OCaml) will break your
widdle head when stoned.  None of the tools I have mentioned so far
are BSD licensed, and most are GPLed or Public Domain, and none of
them have patents pending (except maybe if you got a fancy bong).
When your done, remember, libertarians are people who think they
sprung from their own asshole, the free market is a plot to
exploit your sorry ass, and all the real elite programmers are

PS: Everything but the last paragraph is a troll.

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